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Oil. When you get your unit, it already has oil in it. After running the unit for about 30 minutes, this oil will need to be changed. To change this oil, there is a bolt located dead center on the bottom of the unit and is 17mm in most cases. Pull this out to drain all the oil while the unit is turned off. Then get 1 quart of 10w40 semi or non-synthetic oil and put it in the unit at the filler hole on the right side of the motor, with the bottom drain bolt already back in place. You do not want to use synthetic oil because it has additives that can melt and eat away new gaskets that have not had proper time to heat seal. You will want to change your oil every 10-15 hours of solid riding. And for our Chinese models, check out the embedded video for help on how to change the oil.

Spark Plug. The spark plug is an important part of keeping your unit running in tip-top shape. Without good spark, your unit will not run right. Every time you start your unit, carbon is burned onto the tip of your spark plug. After a while this carbon can build up and weaken the intensity of the spark you are getting to your motor and cause your unit not to run at 100%. Every so often, maybe every time you change your oil, check your spark plug to see if it needs replacing. The spark plug you will need is an NGK CR6HSA Plug. Sometimes these plugs can run bigger so to be doubly sure you get the right plug for your unit, take the plug out and take it to your local auto store and show it to so the clerk can match you up with the right plug.

Gas. Make sure you run premium gas and nothing else. These little motors need that premium gas and the additives that are in that gas. They will run on regular gas, but they will not run that well. Do not put race gas in these motors. You can put a fuel stabilizer -- StarTron -- in with your fuel to make your unit run better.

Brakes. Make sure you check to besure your brakes have enough pad each time you change your oil and do your maintenance. This will ensure you always have good brakes while you are riding. If you do a lot of sand riding, then your brakes can wear out a lot faster than during normal riding.

Chain. If your unit is a chain drive, you will need to make sure your chain stays tight. A loose chain can snap and this could break something on your motor. You will usually have chain adjusters that you can tighten or loosen on the bottom of the swing-arm. Radiator. When you first get your ATV, if it is one that is liquid cooled, you'll need to do the following: Make sure that your radiator fluid is filled up to full. Most of the time it is full, but sometimes it is close to empty. It needs to have a 50/50 mix with distilled water. So, make sure you mix it properly before you fill it. You should always run your engine for about 10 minutes and let the engine heat up and then refill your radiator unit to ensure the radiator unit is, in fact, full. When you run your engine, the heat will run out the bubbles that can be in your lines. This is why you will need to add more fluid.

Break In. In terms of breaking in your unit, it's pretty simple. You'll need to take it easy on your unit for about 1 hour straight. Just do easy riding, don't hammer down on the throttle. The gaskets need to heat seal and if you hammer down on your unit when you first get it, your engine will have an enormous amount of pressure build up and you can blow a gasket, FYI, if you do this, its not covered under warranty. So, break your motor in properly and take the time to do so. You need physically to hand touch every bolt and tighten them after the first three rides, not riding more than 15 to 20 minutes. Check every bolt on the unit; bolts on any new powersports vehicles will come loose / This isn't because it is Chinese.

Other. Once you get your unit put together, there is not much you need to do or check at this point. The only thing I would suggest is to buy some Loctite (blue) and when you are putting your unit together, use it on all the bolts. I am the “play it safe than sorry" kinda guy, so I do this on all the powersports products I buy for myself. I want nothing to go wrong.

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