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Derius Zeigler wrote:Verified Purchase:

Thank you so much!

I truly appreciate doing business with you all. You offer best prices around.

Michael Lindenmuth wrote:Verified Purchase:

Purchased a trail master C50 crate bike and although it wasn’t in stock I still received it in a short amount of time had trouble with the carburetor not properly working and a engine mount bolt that was the wrong size customer service replaced both items quickly without any hesitation and I live and had the bike shipped to Pennsylvania great products and excellent customer service and support this was the 3rd vehicle I purchased from them and I highly recommend them.

Greenety 76 wrote:Verified Purchase:

Fast shipping and good customer service .. will be buying from them again.. and friends are to.. was worried at first about ordering online but no need to worry ..

Marshall Wynham wrote:Verified Purchase:

Thank you BIG TIME for that Garry. I was swamped with work yesterday and couldn't call to complete the order. You all are THE BEST, and I am 1000% satisfied with your company. THANK YOU once again!

Bill Wolters wrote:Verified Purchase:

I got the sensor and I have to tell you that your service is outstanding and I will refer you to anyone that wants to buy a golf cart like mine.

Robert Gwin wrote:Verified Purchase:

I want to commend you on my shopping experience with you. I have recommended you to others and I am totally pleased with my purchase from you. Your delivery was ahead of schedule, as well as the MCO. You have warrantied the parts I desired warrantied even to my surprise a lightly untrue rim. If I ever buy another bike I would definitely consider you first with my purchase. After warranty is through, I will try you first for parts as well. Thanks much.

A Customer wrote:Verified Purchase:

I purchased a Hawk DLX 250. The communication was great. I received the paperwork with certificate of origin within a week. The bike arrived as promised on time. Assembly was very intuitive and it fired right up. I could not be happier with the entire experience. Highly recommend TRX powersports !!!

Sunshine Carpet Cleaning wrote:Verified Purchase:

Great, thank you so much!

U guys are great. I love the dirtbike i got a few weeks ago. The shipper said it was the best packaged dirtbike hes ever seen. So kudos.

Kris wrote:Verified Purchase:

Very nice perk. I chose to do business with TXPS because your customer service was quick to respond and answered my concerns thoroughly, you had 65 positive Yelp reviews & hands down the best price on the market. Thank you so much TXPS.

Michael Gerace wrote:Verified Purchase:

I owe you an apology, I looked at it wrong so it was my inexperience showing, it is the correct coil. Again my apologies and a huge thank you for your support in getting this bike running. Just to be safe I replaced all three parts and the bike started right up, one of those was bad from the factory, not your fault at all and you have been great. Thank you for your help and I will look to you for future purchases for sure!!

Shane wrote: Verified Purchase:

I got my box of parts today and I think I have everything I need and I wanted to say thank you very much for your help-

Mazie Carroll wrote: Verified Purchase:

Thank you again for all your help. Love tx powersports! This is the second time I've used your company and definitely not the last! Have a great day!!-

Steven A. Miller wrote: Verified Purchase:

You have been very helpful and I appreciate your commitment to customer Service. You Rock!!!!!-

William A. Tuite wrote: Verified Purchase:

Hi I received the parts. Thank you so much I really appreciate it. Excellent customer support! -

March 1, 2019 Verified Purchase:

I wasn't able to use affirm to purchase my order for a 250cc magician. Not a big problem my wife used my father's account for a surprise Valentine's day gift. Although it did not come with the free spark plug and gloves. Overall I'm very happy with the time frame and quality packaging of the order. My father purchased a hawk almost a year before this order. We tell everyone about txpowersports. Friends, family, and co-workers. Hopefully for your future business. Thank you. -

February 28, 2019 Verified Purchase:

Wow......ordered on Monday revived on Thursday I’ll re review after unpacking and assembly but so far so good the ups man helped so much even on the pitch black country road

Ron Ginn wrote, Verified Purchase:

Thank you very much, very professional.

Tim Oster wrote, Verified Purchase:

Wow great site, great products, great service, and most of all great prices. I think the more you sell the more your product will sell itself. I really want one of your enduro motorcycles. I could refer several more customers if I owned one and would love to start a group showing off your line of products. Maybe even become a local retailer and shop for those less mechanically inclined and fearful of buying sight unseen. The web really doesn't do your products justice. Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

Mark J Hash wrote, Verified Purchase:

Thank you for doing business this way!

Jason Rondeau wrote, Verified Purchase:

Thanks for the extra buying power and guarantee! Look forward to doing more business with you.

Ken Wright wrote, Verified Purchase:

And thank you it is a very nice bike and was very happy with the service.

Daniel wrote, Verified Purchase:

Ok thanks, appreciate you guys and the service you provide, prompt and helpful. There are lots of sketchy companies and you guys have been great.

Thanks again,

Lena Mullikin wrote, Verified Purchase:

You guys are great !!! Thank you.

Chris Cyrus wrote, Verified Purchase:

Received in a week. 4 hr assembly. Went for a ride! Thanks!!! A++

Justin Hawkins wrote, Verified Purchase:

Fast shipping. As described. Well packaged. Great communication.

Marco Swanson wrote, Verified Purchase:

A+ seller item came quickly.

Terry Wesenberg wrote, Verified Purchase:

Works Great! Fast Shipping!

Dan Myers wrote, Verified Purchase:

Very convenient free shipping. Easy assembly. ATV started right up.

Michael Swedick wrote, Verified Purchase:

As Expected! Thanks!

Nadiabythesea wrote, Verified Purchase:


Tumble Boi wrote, Verified Purchase:

You guys have been the most responsive website i have ever seen! thanks

Marc wrote, Verified Purchase:

Great Cart for the Price! Purchased this cart a little over a year ago. I have been very pleased with it's performance. It's not extremely fast, however it can easily climb the hills here in WV. The boys love to drive and ride almost as much as I do. That's fully loaded with my 3 boys and myself. The GY6 puts out a lot of low-end torque. I have done a few upgrades recently. Added a top, brighter led lights on top, installed a winch on the front, put 22" tires on the back, also changed the weights in the CVT to increase initial take off speed.

Frankie Johnson wrote, Verified Purchase:

My name is frankie johnson i ordered trail master challenger just wanted to let you know that i love my trail master 300s it's so much fun to ride i use it to do work around my house and back field wish you would add to your website accessories for it but again i love it thanks.

Jeffrey Randall wrote, Verified Purchase:

Got the scooter today, and certificate with bill of sale. I unpacked and had it road ready within 2 hours. Drove it to work today,,,, love it . Thanks and you are welcome to use this as a review.

October 16, 2018 Verified Purchase:

I had a broken part when the scooter was delivered. I spoke with a couple of customer service ladies who were very nice and accommodating. They directed me to the manager who I spoke with and rectified the situation without question. Stuck to his word and took care of the part as well as delivery. I will be more than happy to do business with them again. Thumbs Up. This is how business should be conducted.

September 9, 2018 Verified Purchase:

You're great guys.

September 1, 2018 Verified Purchase:

Thanks for this service. Helps ease the process a little bit.

August 25, 2018 Verified Purchase:

Got my Hawk like 3 months ago.My first ever dirtbike. It’s really good.! No complaints at all, besides the speedometer and has gauge isn’t accurate anymore. I didn’t drop the bike or anything. Only ride it up and down the street! But other than that. This bike is perfect! Looking to get another one for my wife soon!

July 12, 2018 Verified Purchase:

Excellent service!

Dave Wrote Verified Purchase:

After some research I decided to purchase The RPS Canyon. I have several Chinese off road 4wlrs, dirt bikes, adult and children size go carts. The BMS 400cc was supposed to be my way around our 40 acre spread but from day one it has failed to run as often as I would like. Problem after problem. The youth Tao Tao 4 wlrs have run well for us. I was a little gun shy on a fairly high priced adult 4wlr but I could not stomach paying 5-6000 for a honda. I had TMS build and test the bike and long story short So far so good. It is as sturdy as any 4wlr I have ever rode. It starts up and runs like a champ. It will do anything I can think of needing it for.

Robb T. Wrote Verified Purchase:

Love the Apollo 250! Just received my Apollo. Shipping was fast. The bike arrived undamaged. I had a blast putting it together with my daughter. Started right up on the first try. It's been a blast to ride! Plenty of power, very responsive.

Kimberly N Robb Tracy wrote, Verified Purchase:

My daughter purchased a Tao Tao 125 and I bought an Apollo 250. Shipping was fast. We had a lot of fun together assembling the bikes when they arrived. Both bikes started right up and have been a lot of fun to ride. Very reliable, plenty of power!

Nick wrote, Verified Purchase:

Amazing One of the best and cheap experiences I’ve had on an atv.

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

Thanks for the quick response and very helpful customer service.

Scott Sartrys wrote, Verified Purchase:

To Whom it May Concern,
I wanted to take a moment to thank your team for all the help in providing the documentation we need to register the scooter we purchased from you. Danella, Meghan and Manny were all very helpful and we were able to register the scooter today here in RI.
Thank you again!

Ethan Dinwiddie wrote, Verified Purchase:

Thank you for being so easy to find. And I look forward to doing more business with you.

Douglas Latham wrote, Verified Purchase:

Ordered my Hawk 250cc on a Monday got it that Friday. Got my battery charger in the mail just waiting on my mso to come in the mail. Awesome job!

June 19, 2018, Verified Purchase:

I'm very pleased with my solana couger . had difficulty with the mirrors but overall it runs great.

Dragon wrote, Verified Purchase:

Awesome Scooter Fast shipping ,easy to assemble and best price around! Runs perfect after changing all the fluids. Love my Tao Tao Racer 50! Excellent job guys!!!

Augustina Malum wrote, Verified Purchase:

We appreciate this!! Thank you.

Benjamin Dean wrote, Verified Purchase:

Thank you for such a quick response, everything has been explained and now everything is OK. Thank you for getting on this so fast.

Dwight Messinger wrote, Verified Purchase:

I received the TAO 200 and after putting it together, I 'm very much impressed with the quality of the workmanship. It is everything I expected and more, You get the most for your buck and more. I'm looking into other pruducts made by them. I recomend this to anyone and I'll buy again. GOOD JOB.

Judy R. wrote, Verified Purchase:

Tao Bull 150cc
My Granddaughter loves her ATV we were a little worried because all they had left was the tree camo it was amazing she loved it I want to Thank everyone for all the help especially Manny he put up with a lot from me I would highly recommend tx power sports sincerely Judy R very fast shipping I didn't want to forget that

Carl and Annette Lawrimore wrote, Verified Purchase:

Thank you Manny for your prompt helpful service after the sale.
You guys are the best. Thank you again for help make my granddaughters birthday the best.

December 15, 2017 Verified Purchase:

Love tx Powersports Order went smooth and professional.

December 5, 2017 Verified Purchase:

I ordered a taotao 250 rhino about 2 months ago easy assembly took it to Terlinga over thanksgiving rode it 4 to 5 hours daily for a week no problems was clocked on black top at 45mph still had throttle left. good machine recommend it to anyone the off road was primitive in lots of places but the 250 dealt with it and sold me to get another one. my friend had a 250 Polaris and used twice the gas that I did.

October 21, 2017 Verified Purchase:

We received the four wheeler today. It was within the time limit the company said it would be here. We put it together and its more than what i expected. Thank you so much. My son loves it. We got it for his birthday. I will recommend this company to anyone looking for an atv. The prices are affordable and the free shipping is awesome.

David wrote, Verified Purchase:

Thank you very much. I wanted to say so far I have had a great customer experience with Txpowersports. I did extensive research to find a reliable vendor for Chinese atv's and out of 10 other vendors I researched Txpowersports has the best customer service and that makes an enormous difference, I will recommend my friends and family to your company. I will write a favorable review online as well. Thanks again

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

These guys had my RPS to my door in 4 days , after few very low cost mods you can't beat it . Will be purchasing # 2 Hawk very soon.

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

Fast shipment, my Enduro Hawk arrived within one week to my door step.

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

just purchased one and cant wait for it to get here. I did rush processing so hopefully its soon. I driven a 2012 powermax 150 and they are fasy. 60 mph and up.

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

First I must say Shipment was a breeze, Although It could not be shipped directly to my house It was easy to meet the UPS driver and set it in the back of my truck. Assembly was simple does require two people FYI. Both brakes need adjustment and the Carb needed idle and fuel mix tuned, it was simple trial and error. You will need to remove the little black plug hiding the mixture screw. I was quite surprised how smoothly it cruised along going 55mph, Got it up to 60 with some throttle to go. With the stock sprockets It revs a bit high above 55 so an upgrade is a must for me. Insurance and Registration Was no harder than a non-Chinese bike In the state of Arkansas. They had the bike listed as CHHN Magician 250. I believe this bike is easier to register than the Hawk. I look forward to using this bike as my every day commuter.

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

I just purchased 2 of these for my girls (ages 11 and 12) they absolutely love them. I assembled both in a matter of an hour each. They started right up and rode off. I have some steep hills and a natural creek on my land and the little quads powered right through. I even tried them and while not comparible to my 500 predator (duh) they are fun and I am a 200lbs man. climbed hills with me with little to no problem. I will be making future purchases. Txpowersports are a terrific company with amazing after sale support.

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

The machine arrived very quickly and got to work setting it up. The Bad... The wheels have a noticeable hop to them. The rear adjusters to tighten/loosen the chain are stripped since the nuts were cross threaded on and I will have to somehow find new ones when it comes time to adjust. Hopefully TXPowersports can help out with that. The engine to frame mounts are solid so the vibration from the motor at higher rpm will transfer to hands and feet causing a numbing feeling over time. The gearing will need to be changed if there are any slopes to climb (even small ones) as the low end isn't there. The good... Engine starts every time. Easy adjustments on brakes and throttle limiter. Kids have a blast. These newer models all have nylon nuts on critical components reducing previous complaints of vibrations loosening bolts. Still a good idea to go over machine every couple rides just to be sure your kid is safe. Overall I'll buy another from TXPowersports and do some upgrades on both.

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

I bought one of these in feb 2016. I bought another PZ30 carb and put a 120 jet in main jet.Was too lean from factory. I put a 38 tooth rear sprocket kept 15 front tooth, 2.54 ratio compared to 3.33 factory gear ratio. I have over 160 miles on it. Bike goes 60 mph no problem. Plus I run 100 OCT A L L Avaition gas in it. For the money and the fun I get out of it, I love it. Plus I have a TAO TAO 125F1 that I bought here a yr ago. I have over 125 hours on it . Don't buy one of these if you do not know how to wrench on machines. With tender loving care , you will get lots of enjoyment. Plus the guy who left a negative review, Parts for these are plentyfull. I have had no problem getting the parts I needed for what I needed to tune my bike to MY specs. Happy Riding!!!!!!

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

I've got about 250 miles on my Hawk and I am very pleased. For the money I think it was a excellent buy! Only thing I don't like is the odometer says miles but is actually KPH (which I can live with). I would recommend buying this bike.

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

Bought it to drive around my property. Easily assembled. So far it's been running great. Make sure you replace the supplied sparkplug with NGK type. I also replaced original air filter with a UNI filter; it perks up the engine. For the money this can't be beat. Works so well that my wife wants her own (which I ordered today).

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

First I have to say this is a TOP NOTCH COMPANY!!!! The Customer Service deserves more than 5 stars, and the scooter wow absolutely wonderful! As a matter of fact we are planning on getting another one for my uncle....I would NEVER do Business Anywhere but with this company. And shipping was so Fast and courteous!!! A+++++++++++++++++++++

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

I received right wen expected There was no damage to scooter during shipping! I assembled and inspected I found striped muffler boly hanging ouy also stripped bolt in transmission case & one rear shock only had one of the little tabs that hold up pre load plate replaced all fuel & Vac. lines changed oils started up warmed up rode 12 klicks and would not idle wen come to stop & idle adj. screw plugged so changed carb.& shocks now rides & runs great I am happy with scooter & TX powersports.

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

Fast shipping.great customer service. Best price on the Internet. Received with no problems. Would definitely buy from Txpowersports again. Thanks to everyone.

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

My son is 8 yrs old and loves it!! There were a few things we had to tweak upon arrival but for the price you can't go wrong!!!The customer service was very helpful as well which made the purchase even better! Thanks again!!!

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

Bought this for my son and can't get him to stop riding. For the cost it is a wonderful product. We will buy from them again.

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

I have recently bought this ATV and for the price it is a great buy. The customer service is great also,there was minor damage in shipping,one call and an email they sent me the parts no problem. We will buy from again.

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

Delivery was very fast,drop tailgate, with hand cart and put right in the garage .Paperwork beat the scooter!txps lives up to there rating! Would buy again!

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

I have a 2011 4x4 Massimo MSU 400cc UTV and I love it only bad thing is I can't keep my grandkids off of it. I have only had it about three months but so for it has been a lot of fun with no problems.

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

First time to the last ride it the best thing i ever had got in my life.

Anonymous wrote, Verified Purchase:

I LOVE this site it is so cool. I'm going to tell my friends about it.

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