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TM 300 XRX, TM 200 XRX, TM 150 XRX? Which Best Go-Kart To Buy?

Posted by TX Power Sports on Jan 24th 2022

Go-karting is a fun experience. And off-road go-karts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They all, however, have one very crucial factor in common: the ability to provide an incredibly fun-filled way to great around in the great outdoors. These special karts are popularly known as off-road buggies or dune buggies, and famous as an off-road go-kart. Some of the most popular ones are - Trailmaster 300 XRX, Trailmaster 200 XRX, Trailmaster 150 XRS, and more.

Off-Road Go Kart Reviews

The motive behind this post is to introduce you to some of the popular off-road go-karts on the market to help you make an informative decision. There are plenty of factors that determine which karts are better than others. In this post, we have graded each kart in terms of their features, fun factor, and how much value they deliver to their build quality and price.

Trailmaster 300 XRX

The Trailmaster XRX 300 is a popular high-speed off-road go-kart. It is equipped with a 17.4hp petrol engine that delivers a maximum power of 6500 rpm. The kart has an astonishing top speed of 50 mph (80.5 km/h) that enables it to climb steep surfaces at an angle of 18 degrees. Because of its large engine displacement and high top speed, this off-road go-kart is recommended only for adults.

The kart features a dual-wheel drive suspension, a simple dashboard with a key insert, a speedometer, light switches, and front and rear hydraulic brakes. Also, there is a storage tray at the back of the kart that is convenient for luggage and bags of about 2 cubic feet.

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Technical Information:

l Engine type - Petrol, 4 stroke

l Max power - 6500 rpm

l Displacement - 300cc

l Wheelbase - 66.1”

l Fuel tank - 2.25 gal

l Max speed - 50 mph

Trailmaster 200 XRX

This go-kart is the smaller and striped down version of XRX 300. The mid-sized off-road kart is ideal for youths and kids. It features a 4-stroke EPA certified engine that is air-cooled. With the max power of 3600 rpm and a displacement of 200 cc, Trailmaster 200 XRX delivers sufficient power to enjoy across every surface type when it reaches a speed of up to 31 mph.

As the go-kart is the lighter version of 300 XRX, it comes with a rear storage tray, oil-damped shocks, seat belts, basic headlights, and several other features. However, it does not have gear. The seats are well-padded and come with a steel roll cage and safety belt.

Technical Information:

l Engine type - Petrol, 4 stroke

l Max power - 3600 rpm

l Displacement - 200cc

l Wheelbase - 48.4”

l Fuel tank - 1 gal

l Max speed - 31 mph

Trailmaster 150 XRS

Referred to as the smaller brother of the 200 XRX, this off-road go-kart is slightly less potent, yet manages to deliver a greater off-road experience. It has a displacement of 150 cc, and comes with at single cylinder 8.2 hp petrol engine

The XRX 200 has plenty of features including a roll cage with a canopy top, a storage tray at the back of the seats, a 5-point safety belt, and side bars to make sure you stay well protected. Each wheel of the kart has features a heavy-duty suspension system that delivers brilliant absorption for all kinds of off-road surfaces.

Technical Information:

l Engine type - Petrol, 4 stroke

l Max power - 7500 rpm

l Displacement - 150cc

l Wheelbase - 59”

l Fuel tank - 2.25 gal

l Max speed - 43.5 mph

I hope this post will help you make a more informed decision regarding your buy on - Trailmaster 300 XRX, Trailmaster 200 XRX, or Trailmaster 150 XRX. There are so many models in the market and factors that can decide how good an off-road go-kart is.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post! Happy off-road karting!

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