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Tips To Make Your ATV Tires Last Longer

Posted by TX Power Sports on Jan 24th 2022

ATV riding is turning out to be an increasingly renowned pastime among outdoor enthusiasts & even the indoor types. Because ATV riding can take a rider into shaky situations, it is critical to pick the appropriate tires, wheels, and winches.


Here are some tips on how to make your ATV tires last longer:

Always perform pre ride inspections:

Before you opt for a ride, you must be performing a pre-ride check. This is a brief walk around to check for damage, or any other conditions that may materialize on your ATV to ensure your ride is as secure as feasible. On the list things to check is you tires. You need to ensure you test your tires prior to every ride.

 Maintain proper PSI:

Maintaining right PSI is important for even tread wear & will thwart things such as bald spots and rough wear spots. If your tires have bald spots in the center of the tire then you’ve been over inflating them. This entails that you end up riding on center part of the time in place of the whole tread region. 

If you’ve uneven treads that are too worn out if can affect overall traction & weaken handling. You’ll have a tough time in turns and you’ll lose acceleration also. When your tires cannot grip appropriately, you don’t have ample traction to bite down & grip the terrain to push you forward. 

Steer clear of spinning your tires:

If your tread patterns are worn out, it’ll be difficult to keep the tires from spinning when making turns or attempting to accelerate the throttle. Spinning tires can wear them out much more quickly than usual riding. 

This entails performing donuts or wheelies where you tires twirl will make then to wear out untimely. If you’re one of those riders who love to drag race, you may have observed untimely wear too. Going from a stopped position to a full throttle can also damage your tire badly. 

Prevent dryrot & cracking:

When it comes to the lifespan of your tire sun is actually one of your biggest enemies. Damaging rays of the sun are the primary cause of dry rotting & cracking in tires. There’re many things you can do to prevent dry rot from occurring:

  • Keep your tire out of direct sunlight whenever possible
  • Every so often move your vehicle if it’s in storage for a longer period of time
  • Steer clear of using petroleum based tire cleaning stuffs as they can exhaust the tire’s oxidation, resulting in cracking.
  • Make use of tire protectants such as tire shine that’ll offer your tires a shielding layer to help obstruct ultra violet rays.

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