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Tips To Get Your All Terrain Vehicle Ready For Spring Fun

Posted by TX Power Sports on Jan 24th 2022


Spring is here and that means it is time to pull the ATV out of winter storage. It is been a long, cold few months since your last ride, and you are possibly itching to get going. But before you hit the trail, you will wish to ensure your ATV is proper working condition. 

Start with a top-to-bottom visual inspection:

According to experts, every ATV rider should start their spring tune-up with a top-to-bottom visual inspection. Inspecting each nook & corner of your vehicle will help you:

  •   Identify fluid leaks
  •   Worn or underinflated tires
  •   Loose chains
  •   Other wear and tear

Look for signs of mice & other rodents:

Have a good look behind body panels, inside fenders, storage areas, and inside mufflers for signs of mice & other rodents. Rodents love to crawl into tight spaces & build nests, particularly if your ATV has been kept under a cover. 


Check for leaks:

Check for leaks both under the machine & around seals and plugs on the drive train equipment. Also make sure to check:

  •   The brake fluid reservoir
  •   Brake lever or pedals
  •   Brake calipers or drums

If any leak found, give them immediate attention, and if required take your ATV to a competent mechanic. 


Change the oil:

Check the oil level and remind when your oil was last changed. Ideally, you had it changed prior to storing your ATV for the winter but, even if you did, it is perhaps an excellent idea to change the engine oil and, if applicable, the transmission fluid prior to the beginning of the spring & summer season. 

Keep the filters clean:

Your ATV engine requires a solid supply of clean air to run efficiently. The air filter should be clean & dry to keep a supply of clean air flowing through it. When taking your vehicle out of winter storage, make sure to inspect the filter prior to you cold-start your machine.

Check controls to make sure they work efficiently:


Inspect the throttle & other cables to ensure they move smoothly & snap closed with the handlebars in any position. Check to make sure the throttle limiter is tuned correctly for the rider. 

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