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Rhino Atv For Sale

Posted by TX Power Sports on Jan 20th 2022


For decades, ATVs have served a multitude of commercial functions and have taken adventures to trails and places that are usually inaccessible in a full-size vehicle. Several companies saw this continuing opportunity and jumped into the industry of manufacturing quality ATVs at a fraction of the cost of popular name brands.  The TaoTao Rhino ATV for sale is one of these versatile quads.

The TaoTao Rhino utility ATV features an electric start engine, molded utility racks, and a 4-speed manual transmission with reverse. It is a full-sized machine that offers excellent functionality, power, and value.

This Rhino ATV for sale has gained popularity for numerous reasons. Among them is its easy handling, extensive speed range, and high clearance. However, not all ATVs for sale are the same, and it is essential to know about their specifications and features before deciding whether this is the right vehicle for you.

About TaoTao Rhino 250

The TaoTao Rhino ATV for sale is one of the most economical and feature-rich adult-sized quads on the market. The vehicle -

  • Has a speed limiter that provides throttle control.
  • Has hydraulic disc brakes that give the wheeler its stopping power.
  • Has a durable font bumper and bolstered fenders.
  • Has a manual transmission with reverse, double A-arms suspension.
  • Has racks with enough tie-down points for game and cargo.

With a push-button electric start mechanism, the machine is easy to start. Although not water-tight, the vehicle allows riders to go through 4 to 6 inches of shallow water crossings. Low and high beam LED headlights to provide excellent visibility for fun late-night wheeling. The top speed of the ATV is 50 mph and comes in different design and color options.


TaoTao Rhino 250 Specs & Features

The ATV uses a single cylinder, air cooled, four stroke SOHC engine. Engine displacement is 197 cubic centimeters. The fuel tank capacity is 4.2 Liters/1.11 US gallons, and the air fuel mixture is handled by a 26-mm PZ26/PZ27 Keihin carburetor and a 48-mm fully adjustable air filter.

The power in the ATV travels via a four-speed manual transmission with reverse and neutral. Its foot-operated chain drive has a maximum torque of 6.2 ft-lb and an advertised top speed of 50 mph. The ATV comes with a mechanical governor that slows down the vehicle to 8 mph for beginners and adjustable up to 50 mph as the rider becomes familiar with the quad.

You will find the hydraulic disc brakes at the front and the mechanically sealed drums at the back, unlike the brake setup for most ATVs. The vehicle has an oversized rear hydraulic disc brake and dual front drum brakes.

The utility vehicle is composed of a tubular steel frame and plastic body material. All the ATV models feature modern styling and come with front and rear utility racks. The fuel tank is placed under the indicator lights at the front. Fender guards, LED headlights, and shift indicators come standard with the vehicle.



All in all, the TaoTao Rhino ATV for sale is an excellent choice for both recreational and utility riders. The four-wheeler comes with different protective features and is an excellent choice for farming, racing, hunting, or having outdoor fun with friends and family. If you are looking for an affordable, durable quad, then Rhino ATV for sale is your go

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