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Lifan X-Pect 200cc Best Fuel Injection Dirt Bike Is Here!

Posted by Tx Power Sports on Feb 7th 2022

Lifan X-Pect 200cc Best Fuel Injection Dirt Bike Is Here!

Introducing the newest addition to the Lifan Motocross family - the ALL NEW 2021 Lifan X-Pect 200cc Dual Sport Street Legal Dirt Bike!

The upgraded 200cc 4-stroke air-cooled engine makes riding around in the dirt and street roads super fun. Ride in style with the 19" front rim and 5-speed Manual clutch getting the real feel of a full-size pit bike.

Lets not forget that the bike is fuel injected and not carbureted. This allows you to not only have better performance but also provides an outstanding fuel economy of 102MPG!

The sporty body style of the bike allows you to race and enjoy the thrill of a reliable and fun dirt bike. With a top speed of 70MPH, riders can ride them on highways with its 5-speed manual clutch transmission and feel the truely incredible performance of a Lifan.

The bike absorbs all bumps and jumps due to its upgraded forks and sports suspension. Hydraulic front Disc brakes for increased brake performance.

The advanced 200cc EFI engine of the bike enables it to perform well at higher altitudes and under any weather condition.

Battery: Lifan X-Pect Lithium Battery

Lights: LED Running Lights

Engine: Great performance and fuel economy

Advantages of lithium batteries compared to acid batteries:

  • Fast charging
  • Long life cycle
  • High voltage
  • Good safety performance
  • Large working temperature range
  • Small self-discharge

LED Running Lights:

LED lights in general are small in size and have lower consumption in comparison to other ordinary lights. However, they are durable, have greater brightness, and longer service life.

Great performance and fuel economy:

The 200cc electronic fuel injection engine generates 14 hp which is equal to most of the 250cc China made engines. It offers better fuel economy than most of the 250cc competitors. It has the same power with less fuel consumption.

Benefits of EFI Technology


The engine control unit is the brain of the EFI engine and is the reason for many advantages of EFI. The unit interprets a variety of information from sensors throughout the engine so that it can continually run at an optimal level.

Reduced fuel consumption & emissions

The ECU determines the precise fuel amount to be delivered by the injector by monitoring the engine sensors. It also activates the injectors for a precise amount of time to deliver the exact air/fuel ratio to the engine. This reduces consumption up to 25 percent and emission control up to 20 percent for better fuel economy.

Less servicing

Along with no replacement costs or carburetor maintenance, you will also need less servicing in general. For example, you will find the fuel system to be completely sealed so that the gasoline does not go bad. This prevents the need for bringing the engine in for servicing as a result of contaminated gas.


Can be registered in most States.

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