How To Undertake A Pre-Ride Inspection Of An ATV

Posted by TX Power Sports on Feb 27th 2023

How To Undertake A Pre-Ride Inspection Of An ATV

If you have made up your mind to buy an ATV, it is wise to be at our store. The foremost reason being we at TX Power Sports are at present offering Rhino ATV for sale. So, you can expect to have the best quality ATV from Taotao paying an affordable price. In addition to that you can expect to have an ATV with 4 gears with reverse, a speed limiter, dual brakes, independent shocks, and an electric start.

However, we propose that you undertake a pre-ride test to understand whether the machine is in ideal condition for riding. Let us know how to undertake a pre-ride test.

The time necessary to undertake the inspection

It generally takes 5 to 10 minutes to undertake the inspection. However, if you could spare 5-10 minutes it can save you a considerable amount of money and at the same time help you to have an enjoyable ride. It is not that you need to undertake such a test when you are about to ride an ATV, it is also wise to do such when you intend to ride a Hawk 250cc that you have purchased from us.

The necessity of undertaking a pre-ride test

ATVs or dirt bikes are not cars and you are not supposed to ride them on paved roads. While you ride on rough terrains, the machine has to bear a considerable amount of punishment. So, anything can happen to the machine during a ride. If you do not check your machine before a ride, you may be out with a defective ATV or dirt bike and face the consequences. So, there lies the reason for a pre-ride test.

So, follow these pre-ride test schedules even when you buy cheap dirt bikes from us.

The initial thing to do

You need to have a look at the owner manual that you had from us at the time of purchase. You will find there few specific aspects that you need to check for the model of the ATV that you have purchased.

What you need to check before you start an ATV

There are a few aspects that you need to check before you start your ATV. Let us know what you need to check.


You need to check whether all the necessary fluids like fuel, coolant, engine coolant, and brake fluid are in the exact amount. You need to check if there is any leak from where spillage of these fluids can happen.

Air filter

Have a look at the air filter and ensure that it is clean and does not have any damage.


You need to visually notice any issues. You need to see if there is any play when you rock the wheels, side by side or top to bottom. If there is you need to change the wheel bearings. You also need to have a look at the attachment of the axles.

There are various other aspects to notice. You need to check the tires, handlebars and footrest, the electrical components, and the steering wheel.

Follow these pre-ride schedules for your ATVs and Rover 200 Golf Cart to have a safe and comfortable ride.

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