How To Know if You Have Dirt Bike or Street Legal Dirt Bike

Posted by Tx Power Sports on Sep 5th 2022

How To Know if You Have Dirt Bike or Street Legal Dirt Bike

It is for sure you love to spend your weekends out of the town at the put-of-the-way trails blazing your dirt bike. However, you do not love carrying the bike on a trailer to the trailhead. You must have loved it if it was possible to drive the bike on the road and be at the off-road site. Yes, that is what is possible if you take advantage of the street legal dirt bikes for sale offered by us at TX Power Sports. The street legal dirt bike is a dual-use machine that you can dive on the road and off-road trails.

How to understand whether you have a street legal bike

There are generally two categories of a motorcycle. One is the street legal, which you can drive on-road, and the other is off-road dirt bike, which you can drive at an off-road site. Both the motorcycles have two wheels, handlebars, brakes, and an engine. So, it would be challenging to understand whether the bike you purchased is an off-road or an on-road version of a dirt bike. Let us see how to determine such.


There are some visible differences that you can quickly notice. One of such is the size. Off-road dirt bikes are much smaller than the street legal version. The off-road version is cut down to the bare minimum so that the driver can mauver easily. The size of a street-legal bike is bigger as it has to spend most of the by the side of bigger vehicles. The extra weight of the street-legal bike helps the driver to stay grounded.


Along with the size of the bike, there is a difference in the tires in these two versions. The design of tires used in the off-road version enhances traction. Such tires in the off-road bikes help to cut through the uneven landscape. Traction is also necessary while driving on the road; however, the road provides much of it. So, the tires of street-legal dirt bikes are broader and smoother.


As we told earlier, the size of the off-road dirt bikes is smaller than the street-legal version. The smaller size is mainly due to the smaller and lighter frame. This makes the bikes easier to handle and more flexible. In addition, street legal dirt bikes have manufactured from metal, whereas off-road bikes are made of hard plastic. As the manufacture of street legal bikes is from metal, they offer extra stability and the style you desire.

Position of seat

There is a difference in the position of seats in these two varieties of dirt bikes. The seat of off-road dirt bikes leans forward so that it is easier for you to adjust quickly and efficiently from standing to a seating position. The seat of the street legal version sits further back so you can relax.


The hydraulic tubes and spring absorb much of the shocks in the off-road dirt bikes. In contrast, there is not much necessity for shock absorption in street legal bikes.

We at TX Power Sports make it possible to have street legal dirt bikes at an affordable price. So, do contact us when you require to purchase.

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