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Can We Use Old Gas In Our Gas Powdered Quad

Posted by TX Power Sports on Jan 20th 2022


We do not want to throw away the old things that we use. Be it our clothes or lawnmower; we try to use it even if it does not serve the actual purpose. It is the same for the gas that we use in our gas powdered quad. It is good to know when gas goes bad and what we should do with the old gas we have in our ATV.

We at TX Power Sports make it possible for you to have the best quality four wheelers. You can buy those affordable as we are offering cheap ATV for sale. However, you need to know about the gas that you use to use the ATV for a long time and have pleasant riding.

When gas goes bad?

We need to understand that the gas that we use in our ATVs goes bad. The best part of the gas we leave in out ATVs evaporates and makes the gas lose the vital engine-running components. So, if we use this bad gas, we cannot expect to have the four-wheeler's best performance. Moreover, using the bad gas or mixing it with new gas may damage engine parts, which becomes evident after some years.

The leftover gas oxidation will make it thicker and clog the fuel line carrying gas to the engine. You can prevent all these by emptying the gas tank or by adding fuel stabilizers.

Can we use old gas?

The question that comes to your mind is whether you can use the old gas leftover in the fuel tank or the garage's fuel can. When gas goes bad depends on the quality, ethanol content, and how well you sealed the old gas container. If you desire to use old gas, make sure that you have added a fuel stabilizer before storing it.

Fact about fuel stabilizer

It is not that if you add a fuel stabilizer to your old gas, it turns into a new one. The working of a fuel stabilizer is to enhance the time till when you can use the gas. If you add fuel stabilizer to the leftover gas before storing, then you can perhaps use the gas after a year and so. Therefore, adding fuel stabilizer to new gas is not desirable.

Best to use ethanol-free gas

If you wish not to have the issue of bad gas then do use ethanol-free gas. While using ethanol-free gas, do ensure that you buy it from a busy gas station. You can eliminate the chance of having gas that has water in it, as ethanol tries to draw in moisture.

Best to dispose of old gas

It is best to empty your ATV's gas chamber before making it fit for riding it this season. You can use the old gas in your lawnmower or any other appliances that use gas as fuel. After you have emptied the gas chamber, fill in new gas and ride your ATV without any problem.

If you follow these tips, you will not have any gas-related problems with your gas powdered quad.

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