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When you're looking to buy your first ATV without going over budget, Apollo's 125cc sport model four wheelers pack a lot of value at an affordable price point. Known for durability and ease of use, the Apollo 125cc ATV lineup offers an ideal mix of performance, features and low cost for recreational trail riders.

Easy Handling Power

The 124cc air-cooled engine in the Apollo 125cc four wheelers delivers smooth acceleration up to 30 mph – perfect for newer riders learning ATV control. The Apollo 125s strike a great balance between adequate power and easy handling abilities. Weighing in at under 300 pounds, they offer a very manageable power-to-weight ratio for riders of all experience levels.

Capable & Durable Design

Apollo doesn't cut corners just because the 125cc models are affordably priced. They are built to withstand rugged outdoor use thanks to a reinforced steel frame, sturdy suspension components, and high-traction tires. The 125cc four wheelers are put through extensive durability testing to ensure they provide years of off-roading enjoyment.

Safety & Stability

Rider safety on the Apollo 125cc ATVs starts with the automatic transmission and speed limiter allowing smooth control. Other safety features include front and rear brakes, a kill switch and low center of gravity design for enhanced stability. The 125cc models have just enough power for fun while prioritizing predictability and ease of handling.

Budget Friendly Cost

Here's the best part: Apollo 125cc four wheelers deliver all of these great features – easy power, durability, safety – at an MSRP around or under $1000 brand new. That makes them very appealing for value-focused buyers looking to get the most bang for their buck spent on a first ATV. Even used Apollo 125cc models offer terrific affordability.

Ready for Off-Road Action

While low cost is attractive, Apollo 125cc ATVs also excel at recreational trail riding with grippy tires meant for traversing dirt, mud, gravel and uneven terrain. The sporty Apollo 125cc four wheelers can keep up with pricier models, just on a budget. Take one on the trails to experience Apollo's off-road readiness and handling.

Customizable With Upgrades

Another perk of the Apollo 125cc four wheelers is that they provide a great platform for upgrades and customization down the road. As your experience grows, you can outfit your 125cc ATV with higher performance tires, shocks, racks, hitches and more to customize it to your riding style and needs.

For beginners seeking an affordable, quality-built ATV, Apollo 125cc four wheelers are definitely worth a close look. Their great value helps explain Apollo's popularity among new and recreational riders watching their budget.

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