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5 Simple ways to keep your Dirt Bike safe

Posted by TX Power Sports on Jan 24th 2022


Love your Dirt Bike? Then You'll need to learn a few things to do yourself to keep your dirt bike running problem-free.   Most of us aren't much of a mechanic at all, so it will be daunting to many when we start dirt biking.   However, if we learn some basics of repairing and how to keep your dirt bike safe, It will help you to save some hard-earned money.

1. Change the oil.  Most adult dirt bikes need a change of oil after eight hours of riding. The good news is it's quick and easy, really. Undo the bolt to remove all the old oil, and then pump new oil.

2. Check your tire pressure.   Use a tire pressure gauge for regular testing of your dirt bikes. Dirt bike tires typically take up to 15 pounds of pressure or less but if they don't have enough pressure, you can easily tear the valve stem off the kids' bikes.

3. Clean the air filter.   You'll need to remove your air filter very often, wash out all the dirt, gently brush it with oil, and put it back in.

4. Put your battery on a trickle charger.   Unless you want to buy a new battery every spring, you'll want to put your battery on a trickle charger throughout the winter.

5. Keep your chain lubricated.   Purchase a few chain lube cans to put in your dirt bike gear and just spray the chains daily.

Dirt bikes are not hard to maintain, at all.  If you do these things regularly and then just take it to the shop once a year to change the oil filter, check all or other liquids, and so on, you're going to be all right.   If you are a person of expertise, you can do everything yourself.   But if you're new and bullied by bike maintenance, just learning those 5 things will keep your bike.

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