These are general assembly instructions for most Chinese-built units. Take the top of the crate off the unit and take all the wrapping out;
everything; and separate the tires and racks and tools. After that is done, take the 4 wheeler off the bottom of the crate and set it on the ground.

To put the tires on, you will need to prop up one side of the ATV with a stand and mount one side of the tires. When that side is done,
prop up the other side of the atv and mount the tires on the opposite side. Once the tires are on, you will need to attach the racks, if your ATV
comes with racks.The bolts for this will be with the tool kit. Once the racks are attached, you will need to mount the handlebars.

Most of the ATVs have handlebar mounts with the tool kit and you will need to take these mounts and put them in place and center your handlebars
inside the mounts and then tighten the bolts. Once the handlebars are in place, you will need to install the battery.

Take out the battery and follow the directions. All batteries need to be charged for 6 hours before use. If you do not do this, it can mean that the battery
will never fully charge to 100% while riding and then stay charged.

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